Free Mumia!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Mumia

Frequently Asked Questions about Mumia

Do you mail order?

No. The male order of racist Amerikkka is anathema to the Black Liberation struggle. The role of Black men in their own, unfirebombed community is that of noble king, (except for those chumps who actually work for a living). We praise Black women, Nubian Queens all, whose great honor it is to labor full-time to purchase their man a car, pay his rent, raise his children, and look the other way when he cheats on her with some whore.

Who are your suppliers?

If you are suggesting that Mumia was high on drugs when he shot — I mean — when Daniel Faulkner shot himself in order to frame Mumia, nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you franchise?

Many an uncle tom has taken residence in one of these “franchise” cabins. If you are insinuating that my incarceration on death row is a celebrity endorsement of the Trader Joe’s multi-death corporation, please just wear your MTV-grand wizard klansman’s hood in public where everyone can see it.

Can I get a discount if I buy a case?

Ask yourself, white-racist oppressor, that if you paid full-price, like Daniel Faulkner did for oppressing Mumia’s brother, where can the surplus income be used? Free Mumia stickers? Free Mumia parade route flags? Free Mumia skin bleaching creme commercials? The charitable possibilities are endless.

Can I buy your products wholesale from you?

My CDs are available on Alternative Tentacle Records, owned by my year 2000 presidential running-mate, Jello Biafra, former lead singer and occasional oppressor of the Dead Kennedys rap group.

Why do you discontinue products?

When one speaks out against retail genocide, what history teaches us thoughtful soldiers of conscience is that to keep overall prices low, every product must “pay for itself” by selling well. If a product does not sell well, it is discontinued (“incarcerated”) to make room for white privilege majoritarians (i.e. Black youth, make way for all the President’s nazi skinheads.)

This product has oil in the ingredients list, but it says it’s fat free. How can this be so?

In Amerikkka’s long war against Black life, observing one half gram of fat per serving should be considered petty vanity, and a product’s total fat value is often rounded down to zero, the same amount of value that the white injustice system places on today’s welfare stricken urban youth.

How can your Salmon Burgers be so low in fat?

Unlike the satanic Philadelphia Police Department, which is marbled with fat, most of the fat in a salmon is located under the ashes and rubble of the MOVE compound. This USDA approved diet left John Africa mighty lean.

What is microbial rennet?

It is a form of oppression. It involves separating society into two unequal components: evil, rich white-christians and benevolent, walk-on-water Blacks (and anyone willing to sing the praise of the ex-slaves.) At the end of the Gulf War, Kurds (C.I.A. moles, really) created a false post-war conflict, continuing the U.S. presence and thereby oppressing hundreds of thousands of Black servicemen who were already bored with raping Kuwaiti and Iraqi women and wanted to get back to their race-traitor, white slut girlfriends back in Amerikkka.

How can your juices say 100% juice and have, as their first ingredient, water?

A nation of racist-haters, all of white Amerikkka, also accuses O.J., the “Juice,” of lying in court. There was not one bit of white consideration (“All Things Considered” my foot) for what O.J. went through when the paleman’s agent-provocateur, Nicole Simpson, repeatedly lied to O.J. about understanding his Black experience.

How do we know our manufacturers haven’t added too much water?

Racist Amerikkka frequently adds poison to the Black community’s water supply. They are also notorious for watering down Black sitcoms and having Pat Boone steal our people’s songs.

What’s the difference between apple juice and apple cider?

Mumia makes apple cider into the hootch that he loves, almost three days faster than with apple juice. Mumia’s main juice/justice concern is that the FDA, in collaboration with COINTELPRO, is integrating cranberry juice with so many indigenous people’s drinks, a form of beverage-gentrification.

Are your juices pasteurized?

Although Mumia is a genuine fieldhand, and certainly not a house-nigger, Mumia feels that pasteurizing is a form of domestication (and in the white supremacist society’s final role for Black men, castration), taking away African-Amerikkkans awareness of their roots, of their culture (the original culture), falsely uniting them with refrigerators. Need we remind you that the police state has almost all refrigerators painted white for no other reason than as a display of white dominance?

Do your sodas contain caffeine?

Who can dare look at the system and not notice that there are in fact, two caffeines: one for the well-to-do; another for the poor? One for whites, and another for the Blacks? There can be no intelligent discussion of white Amerikkka’s love affair with injustice without an acknowledgement of the fractured, dual nature of soft drinks and genocide.

Are fertile eggs better for you? Do blood spots mean the egg is fertile?

There is no difference in the nutritional value of fertile and unfertile eggs. And still, Black youthful rage explodes from coast to coast, reminding us of police violence against rap music. When these revolutionary, grenade-like eggs explode, you will finally face your oppressive nature, via a colorful yolk to your pasty, white face.

Are your frozen chickens raised without hormones? Are they free range? What are they fed?

The ruling white farming class often mix up Mumia’s court case for “Dat Famous Chicken Debate (Resolved, That Stealing Chickens Ain’t no Crime).” Mumia is no sambo, no rastus, no “Dancing Nig,” and certainly ain’t no Hollywood mogul. Maybe if you hum the theme from “C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken,” Mumia will be able to remember the words to it while waiting for his execution on that “free range” death row.

How about your frozen ground beef?

Our frozen, 7% fat ground beef is raised without hope. Bulls graze on stolen pasture land, castrated into eunuchs, and made into Uncle Remus minstrel singers like the Jackson Five. That old white woman’s racist joke about “where’s the beef?!” was all the rage in the judge’s chamber when I was being falsely sentenced.

What does it mean when the ground beef states it is 5% or 7% fat?

The USDA, in their determination to prevent Black families from rightfully owning meat and poultry farms, decided that fat is expressed as a percentage of the entire weight of slavery. Every soldier in the revolutionary war against racism knows that 7% fat really means a 93% Black prison population, and that 5% fat guarantees 100 percent oppression.

How does fat by weight differ from percentage of calories from fat?

As exposed by the great Black physicist Isaac Newton (blood-brother of Beethoven), the simple equation for weight is: revolutionary mass oppressed by gravity. Yet, if we wait much longer, every known Black man in Amerikkka will soon be pepper-sprayed to death, the gravity of which the connoisseurs of rap music still haven’t woken-up to.

Which of your products are dairy free?

“Dairy free” is the oppressive terminology of the white man’s slave system, connoting a “blackface” comedy routine about our people’s dietary habits; it cannot properly represent the African experience. Lactose intolerance is still intolerance, and must be smashed.

Does your yoghurt contain live cultures?

Yes. Contrary to MTV infiltration of the African experience, Black culture is alive and well in yogurts, gulags, and other institutions of oppression.

What is Whey Cream Butter?

The question is not “what is whey” but “when and who will weigh” the gold stolen from the African continent and falsely imprisoned in Fort KKKnox, USA. With one stroke of a pen, this false nation’s chief oppressor could allocate this genocidal pilferage for use as a healing reparation payment; a sweet, creamy justice, indeed.

I’m worried about aflatoxins. How do you check your peanut butter?

First we must ask ourselves how did the ruling white working class assassinate George Washington Carver, liberator of the peanut, and then come to the same conclusion that numerous Black scholars have when checking their sources: that peanut butter is a gift from God, and not subject to USDA and DOJ censorship.

What is Hi Oleic safflower oil? It is found in some of your snack chips.

“Hi Oleic safflower oil” is a government code word used by the CIA to help anti-Black, Arabian sheiks detour crude oil destined for socialization in oil-starved Africa but squandered on ungrateful, consumption-minded white oppressordom in Amerikkka.

What is kamut?

Kamut is an African word meaning, “five hundred years of oppression.” Look in your Amerikkkan “history” books; I doubt that your white masters have mentioned it even once.

I am lactose intolerant. Can I tolerate iron lactate?

I will NOT dignify your question with an answer. I can only say that intolerance is found in just about every cell in the white man’s body.

Is thiamine mononitrate dangerous?

No, after falsely living on death row during the entire time of my illegitimate son’s life, while he was raised and arrested on the racially-divided streets of Philadelphia, nothing seems that dangerous anymore. Officer Faulkner had no children, so who is really being punished?!

Are your products organic?

If you think that Nature intended for a flower to grow in a pot, or for curtains to be hung in windows, then yes, your products of white artificiality are “organic.”

Why do your dried cranberries or other dried fruit have oil on the ingredients list?

A very small amount of oil is added to keep the dried fruits from sticking together, just as toothpaste commercials are made solely for the purpose of the dividing the Black community.

What is malic acid?

Malic acid is essential for a Black boy’s stamina in maintaining a look of defiance when confronting the institution of the racist white man, his female “teacher,” in a rite of passage I call, “the showdown.” Ku Klux Kellog’s morning time conspiracy used military might to close down the Black Panther’s breakfast program which was aiming to provide this revolutionary vitamin to tomorrow’s civil rights leaders.

What is an oleoresin?

The oily resin extraction of a spicy herb (marijuana), was quite possibly found at the scene of a murder suicide, but this would infringe upon Mumia’s civil rights, not to mention his 1st amendment right guaranteeing his privilege to violate any drug law in the name of religion, and, of course, the 2nd amendment right to a bear arms, with a convenient substitute being a concealed revolver in a shoulder holster.

From what is the sausage made in your sausages?

I often times wonder why you honkie oppressors won’t get up off of your cracker barrels and read your own Holy Bibles to find out that the flesh of a hog is unfit for human consumption. You white devils stir up a gutrage in my pork belly, you really do.

What is maltitol or sorbitol? They are in your sugar free candies.

Maltitol and sorbitol are called sugar alcohols. But as John Africa pointed out, when we reveal the history of oppression on sugar cane plantations, a lot of sugar daddies at the USDA will cringe with a fear laced with white guilt. Sugar alcohols taste sweet but are absorbed by the poor in your capitalist system, so they do not provide the Afro-centric dialogue or effects of sugar. However, some people, both Black and white, experience a laxative effect from forced-integration school bussing.

Are your supplements vegetarian?

We are not concerned with veget-aryans, nordic-aryans, or anglo-aryans; our concern pertains to the plight of the Black men and women of urban Amerikkka. We have no intention of supplementing the aryan army of oppressors, we do battle with this absolute evil.

What is the source of calcium in your multivitamin tablets?

Unless it states otherwise, calcium comes from civil war era (not civil rights era!), originally developed in Confederate chem-labs to give klansmen their oppress-in-the-dark, nighttime visibility. The only people that it’s not visible to are the Uncle Toms who don’t March for Mumia.

From what source is your vitamin C derived?

Vitamin C, or the “Color barrier” as the Hollywood moguls proudly refer to this diabolical plot, is a commercially-derived form of reverse capitulation, a simple sugar. Color barriers are very inexpensive for Hollywood and cannot be distinguished from batches that come from east coast or mid-west oppression centers.

From what source is your Omega-3 EPA Marine Lipid Concentrate derived?

Omega-3, created to distract attention away from Move 9, is the falsely multi-cultural death squad of ex-Marines, also known as “the Mod Squad.” Omega-3 concentrates its counter-revolutionary activities in the North Atlantic states via a process called homogenous distillation, pitting a combination of middle class and coldwater Blacks against a thoroughly bankrolled, nazi-controlled white population, used to achieve the desired illusion of potency. For more questions about our oppression, see our Vitamin X and African Minerals brochure and our Herb and Entrapment brochure.

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